What’s New

Check my schedule regularly for when I sub classes. Also note that my schedule will not show when I am away.

I am doing the fundraiser for the HELP fund (support for first responders) on New Year’s Day again. Come have some fun and relaxation.

Look for my self-therapy workshop series to be scheduled for January to roll and stretch away tight muscles from the cold and snow shovelling.

Also, I am so excited to be assisting with Yoga Tune Up trainings.  I will be assisting Lisa Hebert with Breath & Bliss in November and Shoulders in February.  Contact me for more info.

Working the tensor fascia latae with the Coregeous ball can help release tension in the IT band
Yoga Tune Up Plus balls are featured to work the pectoralis muscles to release shoulder tension
Hatha poses are incorporated to mobilize and stabilize muscles.